Are Dance Classes as Good for Overall Health as Fitness Classes?

Fitness classes

Nothing beats the accomplished feeling of working up a sweat. Well, except for maybe working up a sweat on the dance floor. Dance classes offer a whole-body workout that burns calories and gets the heart rate going. Since dances like Salsa and the Bachata target and tone legs, arms, and core, many are switching from a boring gym subscription to a dance studio membership. 

How Dancing Can Change Your Life

A fitness dance group class at the gym

With dance classes, especially group dance classes, people make lasting friendships and learn a new skill. Dancing can change your life by helping you slim down and gain a bit more confidence. According to Oprah’s website, learning to dance Salsa can help people burn calories at an average rate of 393 calories per hour.

But dancing doesn’t just burn calories. Dancing is also known to help strengthen ligaments and bones. The hip movements and lateral steps help strengthen the tibia, femur and the rest of the leg. For people who want to be generally more healthy, dance classes are a great substitute for generic fitness classes.

Dancing really can change your life. Dancers make long-lasting friendships, build muscle, and lose weight. Even more importantly, a dance class can quickly build a level of self-confidence that translates to the rest of life.

Can Dancing Replace Fitness Classes

If dance classes are done right, they certainly can replace traditional fitness classes. Although practices like a spinning class can burn more calories, the muscle toning and overall body workout of a dance class help compensate.

Dance classes like Zumba that focus on the calorie burning and muscle toning rather than technique are just as good as a traditional fitness class.

Most Popular DanceClasses

Picking out a single, popular dance class to rule them all is like choosing a favorite band: there are just too many. Then again, Salsa and Bachata classes are taking the US and the rest of the world by storm.

Dance/exercise hybrid classes are also growing in popularity. Zumba has grown to become one of the popular dance/fitness classes in the world. Classes like Turbo Kick are also quickly making headway into dance studios throughout the country. 

Top 5 Dance Studios in South Florida

Dance in South Florida is alive and well. Dance studios in Davie, Fort Lauderdale, and the greater Miami area are numerous. Finding a good dance studio, however, can be a difficult venture. To make it easier, here are the top 5 dance studios in South Florida.

1. Dancing Through Life

Located in Davie, Florida, this dance studio is quickly becoming the hub for quality dance and fitness classes in South Florida. Salsa, Bachata, Zumba, Ballet, and even Yoga are all led by professional dance instructors that are as fun as they are instructional. Dancing Through Life offers classes for all ages and backgrounds.

2. Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Established in 1955, the Arthur Murray Dance Studio is one of the oldest and most respected dance studios in South Florida.

3. In Motion Performing Arts Center

Focusing on more of the art of dance, the In Motion Performing Arts Center leads classes in tap, jazz, modern and contemporary dance (among others)

4. Peaches School of Dance and Music

This dance school offers similar courses to In Motion, but focus even more on ballroom and performance dance styles.

5. U4ria Dance Studio

This dance studio in Coral Gables is a  New York City-style dance studio with a bit of a Latin flair.

The right dance class can be a great replacement for a traditional fitness class.