Best BMX Bikes for Beginners

Kids on bmx bikes

If you are interested in getting a BMX bike, then ideally you would prefer a basic one for beginners. Any BMX bike likely won’t do whether it is for you or for your kid.Bike beginners

These days, there are a variety of BMX bikes and each is usually built for a different level of expertise. Also, each BMX bike is built for a certain type of riding style. There are many different BMX parks that geared toward a specific kind of riding or racing. Even more, adults are riding BMX bikes now.

To figure out which is the best BMX bike for beginners, it would be better to describe a few details about such a bike, how different it is from others, what are the key points to it, then offer a few options to get you (or your child) started in the world of BMX.

The Difference of a BMX bike

Boy with his bikeBMX bikes are smaller, but they are more durable despite having lighter weight. That is because the material called chromoly, a light alloy metal often gets used instead of straight steel. The wheels are also thicker and the handles are a bit higher than cycling or regular bikes to allow for quicker reactions for steering.
BMX bikes also vary when it comes to riding style so you need to figure out what type of BMX bike you want depending on what turf and terrain yo want to tackle.

Safety Needs to Come with the Bike

Kids safety

Also, if you are buying a BMX bike, make sure you buy the accompanying safety gear. Crash helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads help keep a rider safe. Usually, a BMX rider wants to go fast or do some street tricks. Likely, that means likely taking a few spills. Make sure you are well-prepared for those impending spills. Getting good protective gear should be mandatory when first starting out.

Traits of a good BMX beginners bike

The frame material is important even in a cheap beginners bike. You are looking for material that makes the bike light, but it still tough and durable.
Whenever possible, check the brakes on a BMX bike. As a beginner, you need to get used to the feel and the maneuverability of it. You are likely to use the brakes a bit more than an experienced BMX biker.
A drivetrain deals with the chain wheel, the chains, and the sprocket. Basically, this is where your pedaling gets transferred to your wheels. You actually want a sturdy drivetrain that can handle good knocks and doesn’t create too many situations where the chain becomes loose, hindering speed.