How To Choose 110cc Kids ATV?

Kids ATV

110cc ATV for kids is an ATV limited to an 110cc engine size that is designed for children over 14 years of age. For younger kids, it is better to choose electric ATV like Razor Dirt Quad or similar model of the four-wheeler. The smaller size and weight of the 110cc kids ATV provides a higher level of safety for children. The weight of the vehicle is proportional to a child’s weight to prevent accidents and make riding easier and more enjoyable for children. The small engine size limits the speed that the vehicle can run at and is a major safety feature.

Kids atv helmetMost 110cc ATVs for kids are certified as safe by the EPA and other regulatory agencies. The machines have special safety features designed for children that include a governor that can be limited to as low as five miles per hour so your child can learn to drive the ATV.

Most 110cc ATVs for children have front brakes and back brakes, a foot brake and hand brake controls, large sized foot brake pedals, smaller hand controls that fit children’s hands, head lights, tail lights, a reverse gear, an automatic clutch, a single touch deadman switch, a remote control that can stop the ATV, and an electric starter.

The All-Terrain Vehicles for kids usually have more seat padding, are higher off the ground, have increased front end protection, and extra suspension and shock absorption to prevent accidents.

Children want to emulate their parents and that has resulted in the growth of the ATV market for children. There is a huge variety of styles, designs, and colors for 110cc ATVs for kids to select from. Your kid may want or superhero style, a regular camo style, or a bright color. There are also colors and ATVs that are specifically designed for girls.

Most 110cc ATVs for kids made by the most well-known manufacturers like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris and other top brand makers are more expensive. You do usually get what you pay for.

The more expensive bikes offer more options, more sizes and more standard safety features. You usually get a tool kit, repair manual and a “free” helmet that is the same color scheme as the bike from a major manufacturer. Most of the well-known name brands have been certified by age and weight for small riders by U. S. regulatory bodies. Look to pay $500 to $1200 for name brand 110cc ATVs for kids.

You can get 110cc kids ATVs from a large number of Chinese makers. The major advantage of these ATVs is the price. You can get some models for as little as $250. Most Chinese made 110cc kids ATVs offer all the safety features as the better-known brands, but you pay an added charge. You can get a Chinese made ATV for your kid locally from some dealers or order the bike directly from the maker. Most ATVs made in China are the manual shift, but you can order an automatic for a little extra cost. You may compare branded and chinese kids four-wheelers at

Poslaris youth atvYour major concern in selecting an 110 cc kids ATV is safety. You want to pick an ATV that fits your child’s size and weight. The size of the bike and the weight of the bike are major factors in safe control of the ATV. Larger tires (16 inches) provide an added safety feature in preventing the bike from turning over on rough terrain or on hills.

Must haves are a deadman switch, front and rear lights, and a remote engine shutdown. Some models come with an optional airbag that deploys if the bike turns over or hits an object in excess of a certain predetermined speed. A speed governor is essential for the first time and younger riders to let them learn how to drive their ATV safely. ATVs can be dangerous if not driven safely so think safety first when selecting an 110 cc kids ATV.

Second and just as important is your analysis of your child. Is your child big enough, strong enough, and agile enough to ride an ATV? Does your child understand the dangers involved and the safety features of the ATV? Does your child demonstrate good judgment in decision making? Read this post at to get more info. You need to seriously ask yourself questions like this before you buy an ATV for your kid.