How to Choose The Best Inflatable Boat for Fishing

The best boat for fishing

Fishing should be about the catch, not about the boat. Worrying about transport, trailer condition, and hauling shouldn’t be the main concern. For those who want an easy way to cast a rod without worrying about trailing a boat behind, inflatable boats are the perfect option. 

What Is an Inflatable Boat?

Inflatable boat with motor 300x200An inflatable boat is a watercraft that is made of a light but the durable material (1,100 Dtex PVC with a high-density polyester fabric for quality boats). These boats are inflated with air to provide a stable, buoyant surface for fishing, relaxing, or just cruising around.

A Dinghy Tender is a common inflatable choice among single fishermen. These boats are usually smaller at around 8 to 14 feet in size or more. Three separate internal air chambers plus one inflatable keel chamber is a common construction method for quality inflatable Dinghy Tenders. Inflatable tenders can usually support as much as a 15 HP outboard motor.

Other inflatable boat options for fishing include larger full-size boats (up to 18 feet), inflatable rafts, inflatable kayaks, and even inflatable paddle board. Inflatable kayaks and rafts are growing in popularity throughout the fishing community for their maneuverability.

What to Consider when Choosing a Boat

When choosing a boat, it is helpful to figure out what your needs are before putting any money down. Figure out how many people and how much equipment you plan to take along. Next, consider how much speed and power you are going to require. Finally, make sure to factor in transport costs and your ability to get a boat to the water.

Of course, the price is also a factor when choosing a boat. For price and portability alone, inflatable boats at are a great choice. For those who don’t require a boat that can fit more than 8 people, inflatable boats meet pretty much every need. Although the speed and power of an inflatable boat are usually limited to a maximum of 50 HP on larger boats, their maneuverability more than makes up for it.

When choosing a boat, inflatable options check the box in nearly every category, from price to portability and beyond.

Top 5 Inflatable Boat Brands

Once the decision is made to buy an inflatable boat, it is important to choose a good one. Inflatable boats range in quality and durability. Before buying, consider browsing the selections of the following five inflatable boat brands.Saturn Inflatable fishing Boat SD330W 300x225

Saturn (

Saturn is dedicated to creating some of the most durable, maneuverable, attractive inflatable boats on the water. Dealers like Saturn Boats offer small dinghies, inflatable kayaks, and larger inflatable boats that are perfect for fishing in nearly all bodies of water. Saturn creates reasonably priced, tough-as-nails, speedy inflatable fishing boats.

Sea Eagle (

Sea Eagle creates inflatable watercraft that is used for everything from fishing to cruising around the lake on a sunny day. Sea Eagle has been in the watercraft business since 1968.

Mercury Marine (

Although Mercury Marine does not focus on inflatable boats, the ones they do create are the choice of many fishermen and water lovers. Mercury Marine is more well-known for their engines, propellers, and accessories.

Zodiac (

The largest selection of sizes and types of inflatable boats might come from Zodiac. This inflatable boat manufacturer creates everything from life rafts to fully decked out yachts.

Achilles (

This inflatable boat maker creates some of the most durable inflatable boats on the market. Achilles offers several highly popular inflatable boat options.

When choosing a small boat for fishing, inflatable boats are the perfect option. Figuring out which inflatable boat to choose really depends on individual needs. Make sure to factor in more than just price when choosing the best inflatable boat for fishing.