What is Otoplasty and Why Is It More Effective at a Young Age?


Otoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that helps reshape large or prominent ears. Whether an individual has larger than normal ears or the condition Promin Auris (outstanding ears), otoplasty is the procedure of choice to help reshape ears to better fit the individual. Because of growth rates and issues in early childhood development, this treatment is best undergone at ages as young as four to six years old.

What Is Otoplasty?

ears reshapingOtoplasty is a fairly short and common procedure that requires a delicate hand and an experienced team. This plastic surgery procedure helps completely reshape and even slightly reposition the ear closer to the side of the head. For children with outstanding ears, otoplasty can change the appearance drastically. The procedure often lasts just one hour or less. A small incision is made on the back of the ear after local anesthesia or IV sedation is applied. Ear cartilage is often sculpted (sometimes with the use of sutures) to help craft a more desirable shape. Ears vary from case to case, and many different techniques are used to match the aesthetics of the ear more closely with the individual patient’s face and head shape. Sometimes, a piece of cartilage is removed to improve the aesthetics of the ear fold. In many cases, however, both ears are treated to achieve symmetrical, balanced results.

Why Is Otoplasty Effective at Younger Ages?

otoplastyChildren can be cruel. Since Promin Auris (or outstanding ears) affects only about 5% of Caucasian children, the condition is rare enough to be unusual in peer circles. Young children who have misshapen or outstanding ears are often made fun of by classmates, teammates, and other peers. These psychological scars can damage self-confidence and cause other issues throughout the life. Because of this early damage to self-confidence, otoplasty is most effective when completed at a young age. Many facial plastic surgeons recommend that parents wait to pursue the procedure until the child is at least six years of age. At this age, children have reached approximately 90% of their adult ear growth. Recovery time with such procedures is actually pretty low, often taking just one to two weeks for stitches to dissolve and children to get back to their full schedule. Otoplasty can help give children a better chance at developing quality self-confidence and avoiding the caustic remarks of peers. This plastic surgery procedure takes just one to two hours, but the benefits can last a lifetime. Lear more about otoplasty procedure at http://aventuraplasticsurgery.com/procedures/otoplasty-ear-reshaping/